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Deeper Analytic Insights Create highly complex business logic using conditional statements, extensions to programming languages such as R and Python, and pattern identification, statistical, dimensional, and correlation analysis capabilities. Apply that logic to large data sets from multiple data sources to gain deeper, more accurate analytic insights.
Rapid Analytic Development A visual interface and agile data management capabilities allow analysts to create or change analytic applications 10 times faster than with traditional analytic tools, resulting in faster insight and a quicker response to new questions that arise.
Agile Data Integration, Preparation, and Management Cleanse, transform, enrich and combine data without intensive scripting, modeling or schema development –just “join and go”.Use fuzzy matching to join data without a clear one-to-one join field. Harness the value of enterprise systems, cloud-based applications, Big Data sources, such as MongoDB and Hadoop, warehouses, databases, legacy systems, and files using standard connectors for JDBC/ODBC, web services, XML and more.
Data Governance IT can publish custom visual elements to govern the calculations, business rules, and data used for analytics. IT can govern the use of data and analytic logic by user or user type.
Greater Trust in Data and Analysis A “self-documenting” visual environment helps you communicate logic and insights to non-technical business users so you can build trust in your analytic application and shorten the time to take action on the insight.
Faster Time to Action Run analytics continuously to monitor operational data and ensure compliance or identify outliers, anomalies, or exceptions. Use integrated alarming, case management, reporting, and query capabilities to resolve issues or opportunities detected by the platform in a consistent, detailed, and controlled manner.

Analytics for the Agile Business

Businesses are moving at an ever increasing pace. When new questions arise, you need answers in minutes, not weeks or months. In this environment it’s essential that you have an agile data infrastructure and on demand analytic capabilities so you can quickly organize data, analyze it, and act.
While traditional business intelligence, ETL, data integration, and data management platforms may be able to process large volumes of data quickly, they were not designed for agility. The highly structured approach they require is best suited to very stable and predictable situations. But today not only is the amount of data exploding, but the variety of data sources you need to explore, the questions you need to answer,and your business requirements are constantly expanding and changing. The demands to acquire, cleanse, integrate, and analyze data have never been greater.

The Fastest, Most Accurate Way to Discover New Insights

The Luxon Analytics Platform is an agile data management and analytics platformdesigned to help you tame the challenges of complex, high-volume data. Unlike the powerful tools of the past which were intended only for data scientists and programmers, the Luxon Analytics Platform empowers business professionals and analysts with capabilities to rapidly combine data from multiple sources and explore the data freely and in great detail, providing them with the fastest, most accurate way to discover new insights. All while providing IT with control over data governance.
The platform adds agility to your entire data management and analytic process, including areas largely ignored by other software solutions, such as:
Extract, transform, and load (ETL)
Data integration
Data quality management
Data enrichment
Data provisioning
Data analysis and discover

Key Components

The platform consists of:
Luxon Analytics Engine – A data discovery solution, its visual analytic environment allows you to rapidly integrate diverse data, easily discover elusive insights, and continuously detect anomalies, outliers, or patterns. With the engine you can create analytic applications ten times faster than with traditional solutions.
Luxon Resolution Center – A flexible business improvement management system for efficiently valuing, investigating, and acting upon issues or opportunities detected by the Luxon Analytics Platform. With its integrated alarming, case management, reporting, and query capabilities, you can shorten the time to act on insights discovered with the Luxon Analytics Engine.

Transform Insights into Business Improvements

The Luxon Analytics Platform doesn’t just provide you with capabilities to find new insights, it also helps you capture the value of your insights by transforming them into long-lasting business improvements. This is done in two ways:
Continuous analytics – You can run analytic applications continuously to detect anomalies, outliers, and patterns in near real-time. Then initiate actions automatically upon detection to reduce your exposure to risk or more quickly capitalize on improvement opportunities.
Systematic resolution – Integrated alarming, case management, reporting, and querying capabilities help business users manage and resolve issues or opportunities detected by the platform in a consistent, detailed, and controlled manner.

Proven in Demanding Environments

Luxon is trusted by organizations looking for an analytic advantage. The Luxon Analytics Platform has been used extensively in demanding data environments found in the telecommunications, financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. For more than ten years it has helped decision makers in finance, sales, marketing, services, IT and other organizations in areas such as:
Extract, transform, and load (ETL)
Big data analytics
Risk management, auditing and compliance
Root cause analysis
Data analysis automation
Process evaluation and improvement
Defect resolution
Fraud management
Customer acquisition and retention
Sales and marketing strategy
Revenue assurance
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