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Does Luxon keep my analytics data private?
Yes. Luxon is installed in your network, which means you have full access control and complete data privacy. This is especially critical for organizations in regulated industries (e.g. healthcare, finance, government / military) and will affect all organizations as data privacy laws continue to expand.
Data privacy isn't really possible with a SaaS-based application - when data lives outside your network, you never know who can access it.
Luxon is designed to be interoperable with 3rd party applications - data can be exported into a third party application or database via an API request. However, no data is exported unless you explicitly allow it to be exported.
I use a Content Management System (CMS). Can I use Luxon too?
Yes. Luxon processes log files from any website. This includes CMS platforms, blogs, web applications, CDNs, or anything that creates a log file. If you run any other stats product on your website (like Google Analytics), you can run Luxon too! We also plan to release Luxon plug-ins for popular CMS applications.
Does Luxon have an API?
Yes. Luxon is built on a set of API's to allow your organization custom access or operations. You can use the API to create a company themed dashboard view or to integrate Luxon into existing business applications. With the Luxon API you can modify configuration data as well as automatically provision new sites and user data. Our API is a RESTful API, conforming to the Representational State Transfer architecture protocol.
Will my system take longer to load with Luxon running?
No, Luxon will not increase the load times of your system aside from the time it takes a user's browser to load the tracking code file. The Luxon asynchronous tracking code has been engineered to show no interference with the current speed and efficiency of your system.
How Do I Reset My Password?
Please contact your company's Luxon administrator to retrieve or reset your password.
How do I cancel a processing job?

To cancel a running log processing job:

  1. Login as a user with Global Admin privileges
  2. Go to Configure > Global > Task History
  3. Expand the job listed in task history to see the details.
  4. Click the Cancel button to stop that job.

When a job is running it commits data to the profile's database in intervals, so where the last commit landed you will see that data in the profile even after cancelling that job.

If you want to re-process that job, we recommend deleting the data for that time frame only, then re-running that specific time frame.

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