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Automatic evaluation of software systems and system landscapes

Evaluate software systems, system landscapes and development processes across systems – regardless of programming language, modelling technique, process model or software architecture.

Automatic aggregation and fusion of all data sources

Merge different data sources for analysis, and raise their significance by aggregation, fusion and data mining.

Reveal and prioritize indicators and specific options for action

Use software maps to identify specific indicators and options for action that improve software quality and minimize the risks of software development.

Automatic real-time software analyses

Benefit from software maps’ real-time analyses and visualizations, and gain a transparent overview of the current state of your software development and source code quality.

Continuous monitoring of development trends

Harness the full potential of the Effectiveness Platform by monitoring your software quality and development processes over a longer period of time.

Clear software maps for individual evaluations

Generate a variety of thematic, pre-configured evaluation possibilities using interactive, browser-based and easy-to-understand software maps.

Metrics that enhance your development knowledge

Deepen your knowledge of the software development process by integrating your own metrics and third-party metrics into the Effectiveness Platform, and experience how it empowers all stakeholders with profound new insights.

The flexibility of SaaS or an on-premises solution

Use the Effectiveness Platform according to your specific needs, either as Software-as-a-Service in a US data center or as on-premises software in your company.

Robust security for your intellectual property

With the Effectiveness Platform, you can be confident that your source code and confidential data never leave the company, and that they enjoy robust protection at all times.

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