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Our Story

Luxon – Meaning “Speed of Light”, Inspired by the meaning of Luxon, we are group of Individuals carrying over 200 years of combined experience in software applications and hardware that supports business applications aimed to build a universal analytics engine that supports all the business applications (ISV’s). Over the past decade our efforts were meticulously concentrated in making the In-Memory solutions affordable and efficient.

Luxon is a Universal In-Memory Analytics engine, that is aimed to bring In-Memory solutions close to Small and medium enterprises.

Luxon aims to cut down the costs for running your organizations Business analytics by 50 percent compared to the cost of existing analytics engines like SAP HANA, Oracle Exalytics. Luxon supports all the traditional databases including latest innovations like SAP HANA, Oracle 12C. Migrating to Luxon is very simple, it can replace your existing engine in the span of few hours. Luxon runs your reports 100X faster compared to your traditional engines. Luxon is built on reliable and proven best in class Hardware system architecture.

Our secret is the incredible technology behind Luxon that’s designed to be used by business users, without dependence on coding, IT or data scientists. Luxon provides a centralized database on standard hardware, and serves more queries, more users, and more data than any other BI tool on the market.

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